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Horse Show Snacks

Horse Show Snacks


When at horse shows, it’s always a good thing to have snacks ready and available for a boost of energy. However, some of the more convenient snacks available at horse shows do not have as much protein in them, and do not have as much nutrients in them necessary to survive a show day. Most of the time, it’s hard to find quick and easy recipes for breakfast that you can make as you are dashing out the door. Here are some ideas for easy and healthy snacking and/or breakfast ideas.

Overnight Oats
This is really easy breakfast to make that I have fairly regularly, that you can make the night before! The best part about overnight oats is that there are endless possibilities when it come to the combinations. I usually put chia seeds and coconut flakes in mine, sometimes adding peaches or apples or pears. This is the link to the basic recipe, as well as other possible combinations.

2. Rawnola
Yet another breakfast idea, but it can also be used as a snack! I just roll the rawnola into little balls and it’s a perfect snack that is packed with protein! (In this link they are called Bliss Balls). Included in the link are a bunch of variations of rawnola as well as add-ons for smoothies!

3. Smoothies
I LOVE smoothies for horse shows, and just about anywhere! I try to include as much protein as possible in them by adding protein powder ( ) which also offers different flavors for different smoothies, which is really great. Other ways to add protein to a smoothie is by adding spinach. It has lots of nutrition and is an excellent source of vitamin A and iron, to name a few. Even if you aren’t much of a spinach or greens person, when you blend spinach into a smoothie, it doesn't really taste like spinach! (I know it sounds like a lie that all parents tell their children, like that broccoli tastes like candy but trust me, I’m not lying about this!) Another trick for upping your protein in smoothies is by adding chia seeds. They have so much protein and are such a great addition to any smoothie!

4. RX Bars
Ok, I love RX Bars as a snack. So much, in fact that I have a stash in my tack trunk! They are such a great snack to have at horse show because of how they give you a boost of energy while walking and learning a course. They also do not have too much sugar in them, causing you to lose energy. They have so many options depending what mood you are in! (My personal favorite is the blueberry!)

These are all my favorite quick and easy snacks/breakfasts that I usually have during horse shows, and there are so many more that I have not included!

This blog post was written by ambassador Lila Gamble.